• Resource recycling business

    There are technical and economic limits to solving waste disposal issues that are increasing in complexity and scale by waste management alone. Every business has a responsibility to establish a business model that takes into account the reusability of various raw materials used in their manufacturing and what to do with them after that.
    IREX assumes the role of establishing optimum business models that take into account the whole sustainable supply chain flow of manufacturing, sales, usage, disposal, collection, repair, and reuse, from the point of view of recycling companies. IREX does not stop at producing raw material additives from recycled materials and is developing ways to use only recycled materials to manufacture products as well as to reuse material that are currently considered waste for other purposes. We are also actively developing our “Resource Recycling Shared Factory” which works on recycling and sharing. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in what we do.

  • Resource recycling equipment business

    We at IREX are committed to leveraging on our own manufacturing know-hows to propose mechanized plants that improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and more. We provide comprehensive services that encompasses machine proposals, strategies, installation, and after-sales support.
    For clients considering to start a new business or expand recycling processing capacity, we will give you full support from planning for optimized streamlining and energy saving to machine selection, factory layout, and after-sales support.

  • Synthetic resin raw material business

    IREX manufactures and sells various synthetic resins mainly produced from recycled material.
    Through our domestic and global networks, we are able to propose the optimum use of synthetic resins to meet the specific needs of our diverse clients.
    As the call of environmental activists to convert to a sustainable society intensifies, we propose the use of sustainable materials that take into account the entire supply chain flow of manufacturing, sales, usage, collection, repair, and reuse.

  • General trading company business

    IREX is expanding to various industries by providing services that add significant value to businesses based on their specific needs and building on top of their existing business that sits on the foundation of many years of know-how.
    We believe that not all “similar products are the same” and that each product has its own unique features and advantages. The best service we can provide to clients is to accurately match their demands.
    Using our wide network, we will find the right materials and machinery domestically or globally and deliver it to you.