Corporate philosophy

Origin and philosophy of the company name

Reform Open a new path with our own power Innovation
Transformation We will change common sense with tireless efforts Reformation
Expertise We are particular about being a “professional on the road” EXpertness

Management sentiment

  • Flowing water never goes stale,
    A rolling stone gathers no moss
  • “Flowing water never goes stale, and a rolling stone gathers no moss.”
  • ※Door joint
  • Keep changing without stagnation This Chinese proverbspeaks of the importance of sustained effort.
  • Reference: Master Lü’s Spring and Autumn Annals

Our company focuses on progress, with the motto of “Make Tomorrow a Better Day”, and will never cease to innovate.

Representative greeting

代表取締役社長 陳 国
President and CEO 陳 国

The evolution of technology will continue to accelerate innovation and transformation in the industry. At IREX, our vision is to “Establish a Platform for Japan’s Resource Recycling Industry”, and we will continue to challenge the norms and contribute to the industry with the undying goal of creating a better future.   
Each and every one of us has the responsibility to work towards a better future by shifting to a totally novel approach, moving away from the global economy of mass production and mass consumption that has continued for the past 250 years.

“The key to making that shift is in the Venous Industry.”

IREX is continuously thinking of the best way to exist harmoniously with the future and society as a “recycling company”, and has established a “Resource Recycling Share Factory” as one of the solutions. It is a sharing platform that can be transformed into a next-generation infrastructure prepared for a future of the Internet of Things that transcends all social constructs and industries of the present.

We will establish sustainable links between businesses and across industries. We believe that cooperation between different industries on the supply chain, involving sharing information and resources as well as collaborating more intimately, will become a catalyst for the creation of new values that can further advance the global transformation. It’s now or never to design ways to turn various “waste” into “resources” and putting them back into circulation, revise the way we manufacture products, rebuild the supply chain, and shift from hydrocarbon fuel to renewable energy sources.


October 2008 Started business as a graphic design company
April 2009 Homepage production business start
April 2010 Started export and sales of recycled plastic raw materials
October 2010 Support for expansion into China & start of multilingual production service
April 2011 Yanji Branch Office Opened (Web System Development/China Jilin Province)
October 2011 Construction material import and sales business started
April 2012 “Business card EX for business cards!” Business card policy service started
October 2012 Started construction of plastic recycling information portal site
April 2013 Plastic recycling information portal site “Reearth” β version released
October 2013 Dalian Branch Office Opened (Web System Development & Web Design/China Liaoning Province)
April 2014 Established group company Ilex Communications Co., Ltd.
October 2014 Ilex Co., Ltd. Plastic Recycling Center (Chiba Yachimata Factory)
November 2014 Started full-scale flexible container recycling
June 2015 Started recycling HDPE plastic drums
September 2015 Started recycling pellets of coin plastic, PP, PE
January 2016 5 start of recycled pelletization of PP and PE printing film
June 2016 Start of recycled pelletization of eco-cap
May 2017 Start of milk carton regeneration pelletization
May 2017 Business integration of Ilex Communications Co., Ltd. and grapple Co., Ltd.
January 2018 Resource recycling share factory business started
May 2018 First resource recycling share factory started in Shizuoka area
November 2018 Changed Plastic Recycling Center to Second Resource Recycling Share Factory
May 2019 Started the third recycling share factory in Katori area, Chiba
October 2019 Acquired management innovation plan in “Resource Recycling Share Factory” business
January 2020 Started the 4th Recycle Share Factory in Ibaraki Sakuragawa area
May 2020 Started the 5th Resource Recycling Share Factory in Ehime Shinhama area

Company Information

Company name IREX CO., LTD
Date of establishment October 24, 2008

Headquarters location


IsikawaCO,6F, 1-9-11,
Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0044, Japan
TEL:+81-3-6260-9300 FAX:+81-3-6260-9301

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First factory:Sakuragawa factory Material Center


1544-4 Shimoyagai, Makabe-cho,
Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki-city
300-4426, Japan
TEL:+81-296-45-7401 FAX:+81-296-45-7402

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Second factory:R&D and Analysis Center


40 Genboji, Makabe-cho,
Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki-city
300-4424, Japan

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Officer President and CEO Chin
Director Sadayuki Suzuki
Capital 10 million yen
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hibiya Branch
Mizuho Bank Tsukiji Branch
Resona Bank Kagurazaka Branch
Shokochukin Tokyo Branch
Japan Finance Corporation
Asahi Shinkin Bank
Member group Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kanto Plastic Recycling Cooperative
Business Resource recycling business
Resource recycling equipment business
Synthetic resin raw material business
General trading company business
License Secondhand dealer license No. 301032008150
産業廃棄物収集運搬業許可証 許可番号:01100219703
Intermediate processing (scheduled to be acquired in 2021)
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