1. Can you collect used FIBC bags?

    If you send us some general information such as the quantity and condition via the website inquiry page, we can assess it according to the standards. Would you please contact us?

  2. In addition to FIBC bags, what other kinds of plastics can be collected?

    There are various items such as plastic bottle caps, waste plastics, and aluminum. Please contact us first via our website inquiry page.

  3. How is the collected plastic recycled?

    It is cleaned, crushed, then reborn as a recycled pellet by using an extruder. After that, it can be used as the raw materials for new products, thus completing the recycling cycle from waste to resources.

  4. What is non-woven fabric used in products such as masks and diapers? Can it be recycled?

    Non-woven fabric is made by combining or adhering textiles through chemical processes or heat treatment. Non-woven fabrics created with chemical resins such as polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyolefin can be recycled by applying heat.

  5. I am interested in the recycling industry. What kind of equipment is necessary?

    By combining equipment such as crushers, gravity separators, sewage treatment machines, and extruders, you can create a system for recycling items such as FIBC bags at your own company. We can make a proposal for a custom-made system that suits your site and facilities. Please contact us.

  6. Is Irex concerned and committed to the environment?

    We do not dispose of the aluminum fragments generated during our in-house recycling process, but rather we operate in a way that allows us to reuse it as a recycled material. In consideration of the surrounding environment, we treat and recirculate the water used in the factory. Our motto is to do business while cherishing the beauty of nature and focusing on maintaining the global environment in the future.